The following is a small selection of further information and readings
on Virtual Reality for Pain, focused on VR Distraction Therapy:

  • ScienCentral video which explains the concept of VR Distraction Therapy using the example of prior research done at the University of Washington: Click here to watch video.
  • Use of virtual reality (immersive vs. non immersive) for pain management in children and adults: A systematic review of evidence from randomized controlled trials; Shahnaz Shahrbanian, Maureen J. Simmonds, et al.; European Journal of Experimental Biology, 2 (5):1408-1422, 2012
  • Effectiveness of virtual reality-based pain control with multiple treatments. H. Hoffman et al. The Clinical Journal of Pain, 17(3), 229–35, 2001
  • Using FMRI to study the neural correlates of virtual reality analgesia; H. Hoffman et al; CNS Spectrums 11:45–51, 2005
  • The Neurobiology of Virtual Reality Pain Attenuation, Jeffrey I Gold et al; Cyberpsychology & Behavior Volume 10, Number 4, 2007
  • The use of the virtual reality as intervention tool in the postoperative of cardiac surgery; Lucas de Assis Pereira Cacau et al. Rev Bras Cir Cardiovasc;28(2):281-9 Experimental Study, 2013
  • Effect of Virtual Reality on Adolescent Pain During Burn Wound Care; Debra Jeffs et al; Journal of Burn Care & Research September/October 2014