CognifiSense's team and advisors represent decades of experience across the healthcare and technology industries.


Tassilo Baeuerle

Co-Founder & CEO

Serial tech entrepreneur and CEO with a track record of successful tech product development and launch.

Harald Stock

PhD | Co-Founder

Serial CEO of listed and private healthcare companies, including Grünenthal, the world’s 2nd largest specialty pain pharma company.


Maureen Simmonds

PhD, PT | PI Clinical

Professor at University of Texas San Antonio Health Science Center. Founder and former director of VR lab at McGill University.  PI on multiple VR for pain studies.

Tor Wager

PhD | Pain Neuroscience Expert

Expert on pain & pain biomarkers. Director of Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab at the University of Colorado - Boulder.

Marta Čeko

PhD | Pain Neuroscience Expert

Post-doctorate researcher in the Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab at the University of Colorado - Boulder.


Brent Hickey

VR Developer

Software engineer and VR developer.  Graduate of University of California - Santa Cruz.


Alex, Paul, and Vincent

VR Developers

Team of Manila-based software engineers VR developers and technical artists.



MD, PhD | Pain Neuroscience Advisor

Expert on cerebral mechanisms of pain and pain modulation. Head of Research at Department of Chiropractic​ at Balgrist University Hospital in Zurich.​

Joseph Pergolizzi

MD | Grant Study Investigator

Renowned pain specialist. Senior Partner and Director of Research at Naples Anesthesia and Pain Associates​.

Robert Raffa

PhD | Grant Study Investigator

Professor Emeritus and Past Chair at Temple University School of Pharmacy​. Renowned expert on pain pharmacology​.

Karen Long

Regulatory Affairs Advisor

Over two decades as a Regulatory Affairs Executive at Abbott, Danaher and Roche​.