CognifiSense's technologies are alternatives to traditional pharmacological treatments that can carry serious potential side-effects, including the risk of addiction. 


VRNT is a proprietary VR software platform that provides psychological and experiential training to chronic pain patients to normalize their pain perception.

VRNT is in the developmental stage, and thus not commercially available.  We are collaborating with leading universities and pain clinics to further refine the product. This technology has the potential to establish entirely new methods of non-pharmacological pain treatment.

Pain Measurement

Pain is typically “measured” by asking patients to rate their pain on a scale.  These self-reported measures are important, but they are inherently subjective and can be difficult for patients to use consistently. CognifiSense is developing a proprietary application to quantify pain. This project is funded by a non-dilutive grant from a large pharmaceutical company.

Distraction Therapy

VR distraction therapy utilizes the immersive power of VR to create high cognitive load. It consists of entertaining games or experiences which focus the user on another task and away from the pain. Distraction therapy has been shown to be effective in providing short-term relief in acute pain (e.g., immunization, would cleaning, dental procedures).

CognifiSense initially developed two VR distraction therapy applications. We validated these therapies in a controlled, academic setting in two induced pain trials of 40 subjects each. Using multiple experimental pain techniques, the games achieved up to 55% pain reduction.

While VR distraction therapy can be effective for short-term relief, it does not correct the underlying neuroplastic changes behind chronic pain.